Fast, effective, crucial CASEVAC transport from Al-Burhan Airways gives clients the chance to benefit from appropriate medical transport and care at a moment’s notice. Where at present exists a consistent problem with the transport of patients across the nation – with many causalities who are awaiting urgent life-altering treatment Al Burhan Airways offers an opportunity to change and save the lives of thousands with our CASEVAC medical transport service. Our service is tried and verified and is available to be dispatched throughout Iraq within a limited amount of notification time.

ABA provide vital solutions that can assist patients survive the critical ‘golden hour’ and receive the care that is needed in local hospitals that without air travel would be out of reach. Al Burhan Airways provide an air transport solution that enables clients to bring on board their sourced or own in-house medical team enabling patient care to be administered effectively with reassurance that their patient will be able to reach stable on the ground medical care in the fastest way, when compared to traditional ground routes. Al Burhan Airways being able to land within airports can offer back to back transfer to awaiting MEDEVAC jets on standby to depart to neighbouring countries.