UN and European delegates fly with ABA from Erbil to Sinjar
29 May 2019


Following the successful flight of the HE Bangin Rekani the week before, Al-Burhan Airways safely transported top-level European officials: HE Ramon Blecua (EU Ambassador to Iraq), HE Hendrik Van de Velde (Belgian Ambassador to Jordan & Iraq) and HE Pontus Melander (Swedish Ambassador to Iraq). Moreover, this highly distinguished group was also accompanied by a delegation from the United Nations.

The VIP delegation flew from Erbil to Sinjar in a mere 1 hour which not only shortened their trip, if compared with road travel which normally takes 10 hours, but also ensured safety and high level of comfort during the journey.

Upon completion of the travel, the delegates expressed their satisfaction and happiness for having pleasant trip, saving the valuable time and for the excellent service they received in overall.

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