Taji Airbase Trial Flight
28 May 2015

On Wednesday 27th May 2015 Al-Burhan Airways (ABA) conducted a trial flight from our base at Baghdad International Airport to the Taji Airbase, located in the rural district of Taji, north of the city of Baghdad.

The flight serves as a practice run for regular trips ABA will be conducting on behalf of US contractors based in both the BIAP and Taji areas. The requirement to expedite travel between key locations in Iraq is ever-growing as the nation's economic and infrastructure needs expand.

ABA Flight Operations Manager Captain Volker Neumann conducted the 20 minute flight, which he described as 'comfortable and enjoyable'. Travelling via helicopter is a tremendously safe and efficient means of navigating Iraq's often treacherous terrain, bypassing any delays or incidents in favour of an enjoyable, quick flight.

The video below captures ABA's Agusta-109E helicopter landing at the Taji Air Base.

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