New Leonardo AW109E commences its maiden flight to Baghdad
13 March 2018

Our latest acquisition left the UK on the morning of 6th of March 2018, arriving at its new home in Baghdad on 24th March 2018..

The A109 Agusta took to the skies from Sywell Aerodrome, piloted by ABA Co-pilots Jean-Frederic Stephan and Athanasios Gavriil, their first destination was Deauville Normandie Airport in France, where they obtained clearance from French Customs, they then stopped and refuelled at both Moulins Montbeugny as well as Valence Chabeuil, completing the passage through France by making a night stop at Cannes Mandelieu..

The next leg of the journey took the A109 Agusta through Italy, Greece and Turkey. The Pilots commenced this trip by stopping at Customs in the Italian City of Bologna; they then flew to Pescara for refuelling and made a night stop at Brindisi.

Next the A109 Agusta headed to Greece, stopping at the Greek Islands of Kerkira for Customs clearance and made a night stop in Megara, where the Co-Pilots took a one day break, before flying to Athens for refuelling, then headed to the Turkish City of Izmir for a Customs check and refuelling, followed by a flight to Usak for a night stop..

The journey through Turkey resumed with a stopover for refuelling at Konya Airport before flying to Kayseri for a night stop. The A109 Agusta continued its journey and stopped at Diyarbakir for refuelling, making its final night stop in Van Ferit Melen Airport.

The A109 Agusta finally reached Iraq via Erbil International Airport, where it stopped for refuelling before reaching its new airbase in Baghdad.








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