Bespoke flight tracking system for ABA
24 Oct 2016

Al-Burhan Airways is delighted to report that the v2track system fitted on our HEMS aircraft has proved to work beyond our expectations. As generally the flights are within areas of good cellular coverage, the ‘breadcrumb’ trail has been laid every 12 seconds. Immediate fallback to the Low Earth Orbit Iridium Satellite System when cellular coverage weakens allows for unprecedented accuracy in flight monitoring.

That is already good, but in addition the flight crew can stay in direct touch with the Operational Control Centre through a miniature keyboard and screen. Fitted with ‘one touch’ alerts and customizable SMS, communication is easy. Further to that, our customers can monitor their dedicated flights and this can all be done with a smartphone. Our pilots have tested the first system to be fitted in Iraq and can honourably say that the v2track customer support has been second to none.

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